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Garlic Mushrooms and Quinoa

Tonight I was craving something savory and warm, even though it’s Spring¬†in the NorthEast it was cold and rainy today ūüôĀ ¬†So I took inventory of my fridge and came up with this delicious dinner! Whenever I’m exhausted and starving I always default to roasting or¬†saut√©ing some veggies and piling […]

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Raspberry Lemon Scones

This year we scored tickets to the Ranger’s playoff games tomorrow night, but it’s Easter Sunday so we decided to just do a brunch with the family instead. I ran to Fairway this morning on a mission to make strawberry rhubarb scones but could not find rhubarb anywhere. I did […]

Main Dishes

Millet Falafel Wrap

I love falafel.. when it’s good. Sometimes it’s crazy dry, other times it’s coated in oil but there’s always a place that makes falafel so good you¬†keep trying it when you see it on a menu, hoping it’s not the first two versions. I make¬†mine a little different because I […]

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Aussie Bites

Costco was my favorite part of being 24 and still living with my father, that and not paying rent. When we’d get to the store¬†I’d throw 4 boxes of Aussie Bites into the¬†cart and call it a successful trip. Now that I’ve moved out, and become a full-fledged grown-up ūüėČ […]

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Vanilla Frosting

This frosting uses real vanilla bean, giving it intense vanilla flavor. I do not recommend use of vegan butter often so make sure you reserve this recipe for a truly special occasion! Vanilla Frosting   Save Print Author: GreenCrumb Ingredients ⅓ cup Vegan Butter, I like Earth Balance 2-2½ cups […]

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Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

It’s my birthday! I don’t really celebrate anymore unless you consider making enough cupcakes for a classroom and eating them all myself celebrating ūüėČ ¬†This year I made cupcakes filled with mini chocolate chips¬†and topped with a vanilla bean frosting, happy birthday to me! I love vanilla sponge but I […]

Main Dishes

Garlic & Basil Pizza with Blistered Tomatoes

My fianc√©’s training for another half marathon and we’re finally in the home stretch. It’s this Sunday¬†and he’s been eating pretty¬†well and training so hard that tonight I surprised him with a pizza. A vegan, whole wheat pizza.. but still a pizza. I decided to try a non-dairy white sauce […]

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Garlic Kale Salad

There’s a restaurant in NYC called Barbuto and their kale salad is¬†hands down the best I have ever had. I went through a stage (if you can call 2 years a stage) where every time I would go visit my friend Becca in the city we would get Barbuto. On […]

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I always get a little home sick at the end of a trip. Not so much in a “i miss my bed or my family” kind of way but in a “i miss bagels and smoothies” way for sure. So a week into our recent trip to the Philippines I […]

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Mango & Greens Smoothie

If I’m being completely honest it’s a rare occasion that I actually eat breakfast, most days I drink it. Every Sunday I make a few days worth of green smoothies and freeze the ones I’m not drinking in the next two days. Green shakes are easy to defrost, I pull […]