Cracked Pepper & Truffle Oil Popcorn

Do you ever have plans and realize it’s 9 pm and you’re not in the mood to wear shoes, this truffle oil popcorn will help ease the guilt of bailing on your friends last minute. Mindhunter was just released on Netflix… needless to say, any plans I made have been […]

Breakfast, Drinks

Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

I usually throw a handful of spinach into every protein smoothie for some easy, added greens. I used all the spinach in yesterday’s lasagne so I tried substituting it for lacinato kale.. terrible idea. I’m not sure if it was the kale or that I left the stems thinking it […]

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Summer Pasta e Fagioli

I know that when people think of summer, soup is definitely not the first food that comes to mind. My dad’s garden is filled with squash this year so my fridge is overflowing with yellow and green squash and I am running out an appetite for grilled veggies. It was […]


Coconut Mango Popsicle

Ice cream is not something I have been super into, a few years ago I started making my own and ended up using it as a bribe to get coworkers to give me rides because I didn’t know what to do with it all. Sorbet on the other hand I […]

Main Dishes

Philly-Style Mushroom Toast

I was craving a sandwich today and my go to is always sautéed mushroom, peppers, and onions (like anyone who’s meat-free and Philly-born). I was in no mood to drive to the store just to pick up some rolls so I decided to pile everything on top of toast and cover […]

Breakfast, Drinks

Papaya & Greens Smoothie

I love green smoothies, I have one every morning for breakfast but every now and then I have to find a way to keep them from getting boring. I had a bag of frozen papaya in the freezer, leftover from when I had my wisdom teeth removed, so I decided […]

Main Dishes

Bahn Xeo

A few years ago, one of my girlfriends invited me to her cousins wedding.. in Vietnam. I spent three weeks celebrating and exploring the country top to bottom with my friend Kat, her sister and their mom, who is from Ho Chi Minh. We ate so much food, the wedding […]


Protein Pancakes & Waffles

I have made the Tone It Up Protein Pancakes for years and absolutely love them. Protein pancakes are a great way use protein powder for cooking that’s also gluten-free. Since going vegan though, I realized that, unfortunately for me, egg whites were proving to be pretty essential to help the pancakes stay together. I was […]

Main Dishes

Farro Salad

I struggle with eating outside in the summer, there’s something about eating hot food in the hot sun that makes me uncomfortable and slightly irritated. We spend a lot of time outdoors when it’s gets warm out, on the beach or on the boat and there are usually drinks involved, so I […]